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  • Fallen Soliders, Fallen Stars – Taking Chance.

    Posted on November 2nd, 2009 Michele Sun No comments

    I have heard about Taking Chance before, but did not have any idea or expectation what the movie would be like. You probably have seen it at your local Blockbuster, but did not pick it up thinking it’s just another war movie. After watching it quietly yesterday afternoon, I was deeply moved that I have to say it’s a “Must See It” type of film. It’s beyond entertaining, simply because it’s so touching and moving in a very silent way. My eyes were welled with tears through out the whole movie, and I had to dab my eyes with my finger tips, my shirt sleeve, and the back of my palms. I just could not stop the tears rolling from the beginning till the end.

    Taking Chance was based on a true event, but not an anti-war or pro-war movie; it’s a film about death, fallen solider, about respect, patriotism, family and love. It’s about lost, not the administration or system’s lost, but OUR lost. It gave an almost documentary feeling, since it’s very straight forward without twisting the movie too much in a fluffy Hollywood way. I am glad that there was no political bias in this movie either; simply a true story of the respect that has been paid to everyone who died in defense of our freedom. We don’t see many stories that have this kind of honesty in it.

    Kevin Bacon plays Lt. Col. Michael Strobl as the military staffing officer who volunteered to escort taking the remains of a dead soldier, Chance Phelps, home to be buried. Kevin Bacon’s performance was just right as was everyone else because the story was greater than all the parts combined. Particularly rewarding to watch, while the coffin, covered by the flag, was at airports or on the highway, was the way ordinary people took it upon themselves to pay their respects to someone they didn’t know but who had died for his country: for them.

    Taking Chance must be the most powerful movie I have seen in many years, and again it’s moving and heart-breaking in a word-less way – so powerful that my heart has sank so deeply and I could not keep my eyes dry. I, and I think many of people out there, have gotten tired of reading war news or watching another war movie; we got cold-hearted after years of senseless wars, and we civilians just want to live our normal life and filter out what’s happening out. However, I think every Americans must see this movie, doesn’t matter you are in military or civilian, doesn’t matter you agree with our nation’s administration and policy or not. We should never forget what they have done for this great country of ours, and show our tribute to those who serve and protect our daily normal life.


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