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  • Words to Describe

    Posted on April 29th, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    Are there words to describe,
    how I feel deep inside.
    I know my memory can’t say,
    since I just met you yesterday.

    I see the raindrops falling,
    coming from the sky.
    I think they’re happy tears,
    from Heaven for you and I.

    I know my heart is happy,
    Oh, how you make me sway
    Yes I want to make you so happy,
    so I promise you this today:

    I’ll be your light when you see darkness,
    I’ll be your shadow when its nowhere in sight.
    I’ll be here for you every morning every noon and every night.

    I found the words to describe,
    what my heart is feeling inside..


    * I dedicate this poem to someone very special, and I admire your passion/dedication working toward your dream! Just never lose that sanity 🙂


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