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  • Wish Upon A Star

    Posted on September 4th, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    I  watched the stars so pretty and bright
    how I wished to be in your arms tonight.
    I yearn for you so much,
    my body craves only your touch.

    My mind needs the brilliant you,
    I love the thoughtful, or fun and
    lively conversations you get me into.

    Think of the things we could be doing,
    hugging, kissing, just talking, or loving.
    My desire for you burns strong,
    I have needed you for so long.

    I see you in my dreams day and night,
    I just want to kiss you and hold you so tight.
    Can you feel my heart start to pound?
    In your essence I want to drown.

    I want to caress your handsome face,
    your lips, I want to taste.
    I want to have you every which way,
    it is so hard for me to keep these feelings at bay.

    To just forget you,
    I won’t, I can’t,
    My need and desire of you just run rampant.

    My want and desire for you will burn strong,
    until I am in your caring arms where I belong.
    I again look at the beautiful stars in the velvety sky,
    And I make a wish to have my dreams of you realized…


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