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  • Will You Dance With Me In The Rain

    Posted on April 3rd, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    You gave the passion to the kiss,
    and showed me love does exist;
    you ignited the fire and the hot flame,
    but tomorrow after the sunrise
    when I look into your eyes I wonder,
    will you feel the same?
    And if the sun doesn’t shine tomorrow,
    will you dance with me in the rain?


    * Inspired by the rainy Santa Cruz, 3/31/2012


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    • Michele,

      Does the last sentence have a double meaning?
      Also, a good way to describe the risk in a new relationship

      Well done!

      • It does have double meaning, and from time to time I like to include hidden message.
        People often like the excitement and uncertainty (of a new relationship), but that burns off fast then what’s left?

    • In reading your recent poems I was wondering are they directed at a certain person or are they intended for a wider audience? You have such intensity of emotion and feeling. And, your insights into relationships is excellent.

    • Recent entries are inspired by someone/events in life; for instance, this was written after our Santa Cruz run and it was raining hard the night before. Words were floating in my head, like code floating in programer’s head on a good day 🙂

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