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  • Why

    Posted on December 18th, 2011 Michele Sun No comments

    Raindrops are my
    tears for you,
    Kisses once we held so dear…

    Now a memory of the past,
    of a time once together…
    once sincere,
    my own…

    In the light of day,
    I carry on…
    As clouds form to darken,
    once again alone…

    And the raindrops slowly begin to fall,
    To wash away my tears…
    Questions in my heart,
    cold with fear…

    Where was I yesterday?
    Where will I go?
    I lost your love
    So very fast…
    How was I to know?

    The cost of loving you,
    I gladly paid in full…
    But then you sent me away.
    What once was keen, now dull.

    Will I see you ever again?
    Will the hugs return?
    Or must I wait forever
    till ice freezes over hell’s burn?

    Why did you say…
    That I must go away?


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