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  • Until Then

    Posted on January 23rd, 2013 Michele Sun No comments

    I would love to meet you in my dream tonight,
    Snuggle up and hold you so tight.
    Do you see the stars
    sparkling way up above?
    Shining down on you the one I love.

    I think of you before I get to sleep,
    Hoping in dreams we get to meet.
    Maybe tonight I will be lucky,
    What a great joy that would be.

    Your kisses sweet and tender.
    All I can give you, I will surrender.
    I wish we’ll be together all night,
    But even one hour would be alright.

    I have so much feeling in my heart.
    And with no one else I’ll let it depart.
    When I feel your body next to mine.
    Nothing in the world could be more sublime.

    Your hot moist kisses are arousing me.
    Closer and closer I want to be.
    Have you seen happy tears in my eyes?
    Never thought I’d find my paradise.

    Maybe someday, my dream will come true.
    Until then, my dear, I’ll keep on missing you.


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