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  • Top 10 Keyword for 2012

    Posted on December 31st, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    By the time this blog entry is posted, I should be, and hopefully still am, running in loops of this 6hr endurance run in Crissy Field by Golden Gate. Because of this 6:00pm to 12:00am race, I will be ringing into the Year of 2013 and my birthday when I cross the finish. I would like to take this opportunity to state and thank Max for telling me about this notorious, bad-ass, crazy and fun race. And most grateful that his accompanying me to this special birthday run while he is dealing with his injury and not able to run. On one hand I am very happy to spend my special day with him, but on the other hand I also feel very guilty and selfish about rubbing salt on his wound. It’s like eating cake in front of someone who is on diet.

    I have made different kinds of year-end “Top 10 List” in the past, and this time I am doing a “Top 10 Keyword” (like the internet SEO), and these are people and subjects that weight most in the year of 2012 to me —

    #1 Max, very unexpectedly entering into my world and plays so many roles in my life, a supporting friend, fountain of joy, harbor of peace, Doctor Max… I am so very happy that I have the maturity to embrace this special friendship. Whether it’s the trip to Japan, accomplishments (his) celebration, laughing at silly behaviors (mine), or other personal moments and dimensions we shared together, I truly appreciate the closeness, experience, happiness and self-discovery he brought upon. His being there means a great deal to me as he always beams like sunshine to me.

    #2 Running, it’s the combination of running, training, racing and PR that keep me on the right track, focused and sane. Not only I am fit and healthy, I also found I am surprisingly mentally tougher than many people (especially guys) I know :-p. Running has taken me to so many beautiful places and trails with interesting sights and breath-taking views that I can never imagine, and brought great friendship along that I treasure deeply.

    #3 Drinking, a new found interest, I was only an occasionally social drinker before 2012, but with friends’ introduction and company, I have found how great a good beer taste after one tough race, and having a glass of red while chopping and cooking dinner is the best way to unwind after work. And it simply solves many life’s problems mysteriously! I also have had my first past out experience, and I actually amused myself with my ability of re-creating memory. :-p

    #4 Anita, so sensible and logical, who has been my crutch in 2011 when I had a very rough year, and the only person that I would actually listen to. It has developed into a true friendship that I don’t have to hide my dark side, and I know she will always be there for me regardless how much or how little we see each other.

    #5 Vinh, who I just met right before I left for my trip to Japan in Feb, but we formed a very special bound, even with his cats!! We have very similar experience in certain aspects in life, and he totally gets me. I think of him as a mirror to me, and I can always disclose my emotions honestly without feeling embarrassed.

    #6 Journey, not talking about plane, train, automobile, I am talking about life itself as a journey. It is good to have an end to journey toward, but it is the journey that matters in the end I think. Certainly the road to inner-peace is not an easy journey for me, but to get to a place where I can let go of certain people is such wonderful place, because it frees me!! And I am lucky to have best companies in my journey!

    #7 Fragile, yes fragile, I have been through the bottom of hell and lost trust in people, but slowly I am coming back. I trust time will heal, but I am just surprised to learn how fragile and tiny I actually am. I found that little child inside of me.

    #8 Present, not holding on the past or dream about future, only focus on present. This thought has helped me to finish the brutal CIM in Sacramento, and also help me relaxing, let the wind blows and just watch life happens for itself.

    #9 Michael, who is definitely on the top 3 list last year, but this year has fallen out of the top chart which is a very good thing; I consider it healthy. Why?? Because I was clinging on Michael’s friendship like a floating device, a life jacket. Being able to let go of the life support system and stay positive and happy independently, this is a good progress isn’t it?

    #10 Japan, it’s a trip for the Tokyo Marathon, a short trip, but the combination of race experience, PR(huge PR btw), Ghibli Museum, weird quantum leap experience, new friendship.. made this a very unique memory that I will not forget!

    To close 2012 on high note, I am going to run as many miles as I can and celebrate with champagne and cupcakes!! I am happy at where I am, and for that I thank my family, friends old and new!! Happy New Year and wish you all the awesomeness in 2013!

    This is my last blog entry for 2012!!


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