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  • Thanksgiving 2012

    Posted on November 22nd, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    Holidays are usually busiest day for therapists and psychiatrists, and I never understood why till last Thanksgiving. Today my friend who is a therapist had to rush to hospital because one of her patients
    committed suicide. On a day that most people celebrate with loved ones, it is hard to get by when you happen to be lonely or sick, or under tremendous stress/misfortune.
    Last year I was a mess and very panic before Thanksgiving, because it’s the first holiday that I would have to go through feeling alone. For years I had my Thanksgiving morning ritual, and it would start with a SV Turkey Trot 10K, and a nice breakfast at Flames near the library. I remembered I got a personalized coffee mug as a present one year with Turkey Trot race photo, and I loved the mug so dearly thinking it’s the best present I have ever got. But now it’s locked up somewhere that I would never want to see it again. First Thanksgiving, first Christmas, first birthday, first Valentine’s, first Moon Festival… I just had to go through them in one full circle.

    I wasn’t sure how I would feel as I putting on my race shirt, beanie, gloves this morning, and as I walked over to the Start alone I couldn’t help but thinking I had never driven to this race on my own before. But as I joined my friends Michael, Albert, Venkat, Marcia and Eric, I felt I was surrounded by family and I wasn’t that alone at all. I texted Max and told him that parking spots were still available near San Pedro, and as soon as he walked over the chilly morning was defrosted in nano seconds.

    My stomach has been upset since last Sat, and it hurts so bad that I could not run for four days already. I could not sleep, walk, and it even hurts my pelvis. On Sunday I was volunteering at Sports Basement at the bib pick up, Stan brought Tum’s for me but that did not help much. So I went to get stronger Tum’s and took them for three days still did not solve the bloating and pains. Hence I really wasn’t sure if I could even run this race or not. But I figured it would be a fun run, and I would just walk away from the race if necessary. I don’t have huge ego about DNF, and the important goal is my CIM next weekend. I started with Loi, who has always been a sweet supporter to me, but my stomach and pelvis were in pain for the first couple miles, so I just backed off and let her run her race. Good thing is the pain kind of went away when endorphins kicked in, so I was able to run steadily for the next 4 miles. Clocked 54 min, not bad for a taper run.

    We regrouped at Flames for breakfast and with great surprise that we got the same waiter as last year, and he even remembered where we sit last year. Wow!! He was a very animated actor-want-to-be, and I wish him best luck persuading his Broadway dream! As CIM is only 11 days away, I had to watch what I put into my body to avoid empty calories, so I could only drool over Max’s Nutella & strawberry waffle while I nibbled on my veggie omelet. He even jokingly (or maybe not) fork poked my fingers and telling me to eat my own omelet 🙁

    After a hot shower, nice nap, I didn’t have to do much cooking since I got pre-prepared Thanksgiving dishes from the Whole Food already. The turkey, stuffings, cranberry sauce, corn bread, mash potatoes… all were very tasty! Again, watched what I eat and drink to avoid food coma, and glad that my head is clear enough so I can write few words!
    I know I am blessed with all the fortunes I have and all the good karma in my life!! On this Thanksgiving evening, I should thank —

    • My parents for the gene of good health & good skin 🙂
    • My sister and brother for taking care of my parents, so I can live freely here
    • My friends who stand behind me and next to me in tough time
    • My job that pays the bills even I think it sucked
    • My legs for running all the miles & races with me, in cold and hot weather
    • And the special and very unexpected person that brought joy and laughter into my life, who supports me in a very unique way and laughs at my every silliness. Your embrace is my harbor of peace. You are truly a special present to me.

    Don’t want to sound too corny, but I am also grateful that you are reading this — it shows you care about what and how I feel. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone that have visited my blog!!


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