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  • Soulmate, Solemate

    Posted on May 3rd, 2009 Michele Sun No comments

    When I drove/moved back to San Jose at the end of March, I could only stuff so many boxes in my trunk and back seat.  Therefore I was forced to leave many personal belongings down in L.A. with a friend, and the toughest left behind struggles was my shoes. But once I got back to San Jose, I found I literally have no space for any of my stuffs from my apartment in L.A. I spent a whole week to clean out my closet and donated 90% of clothing and still don’t have enough spaces for the clothing that I brought back from LA. And the dilemma I am facing now is –I can’t donate my shoes!! – they are my soulmates!!

    That’s right! I admit that I am a “shoesaholic” and they are my soulmates!
    Friends and colleagues often ask me “how many pairs of shoes do you have?” once they know me a little better, because they probably will be seeing 20 different pairs of shoes in just one month. And I can pretty much say this in pride and confidence — if I am to wear different pair each single day, you probably will not see the same shoes twice in 6 months, so do your math…

    The other day, at Bloomingdale’s, shoes department, I was having a tough time to choose between a pair of jade green strappy sandals and brown criss-cross sling back. I tried both on and walked around the sales floor, simply could not determine which one is the best. So I left the store to clear my mind, then I returned to the store an hour later still COULD NOT decide! Then two complete strangers (and life savers) said, “Hey, they both look so cute on your feet! I would die to have feet like yours”  So, at that very moment feeling like the biggest winner in the whole world, with the “sign” given by higher power I BOUGHT two pairs of new shoes.

    When it comes to shoes, they are like men. You saw them for the first sight and the feeling’s right–you are stepping into your own grave. Mostly, they aren’t your size. But I don’t believe there are shoes that won’t fit; it just depends how much PAIN you can accept or take. If it’s too tight, there is always the hope that it will fit after “break-in”. If it’s too big, you can always put insert in it. Heels too high? No problem, just walk taller and keep your balance. Besides, even if it hurts to wear KILLER LOOKING but PAINFUL shoes, you can always take them off by the time you get home, and kick them under your bed until the next time.

    Or they have your sizes but very expensive because they are “new arrival,” i.e. they look new, smell good, making you emotionally sinned. And mostly you can’t afford such shoes, so you wonder around the sales floor, considering letting your heart or your brain (or your bank) makes the decision. In my experiences, the former organ is always more demanding and powerful than the latter.

    I don’t believe there are shoes that are “can’t afford” anyway.  What do you mean can’t afford? It’s only a matter of how much you are willing to pay. As long as there is a price, there is a chance. The only can’t have shoes are someone else’s shoes. They look so cute on their feet and surely I believe they are super comfortable. Since I can’t have them, so I can only look at them, appreciate them and dream about them, but NO, can’t have them.

    In our course of life, finding that perfect pair of shoes are a lot easier than finding that perfect man; every woman spent enormous time, energy, and of course a fortune to search for “the one.”  A woman can never have too many shoes. You have pump, sandal, sling back, loafer, clog, boot, mule, slide, sneaker, Mary Jane…and they come in so many different colors to match your wardrobes, occasions and mood. High heels to be attractive and loafer to be sensible. Can men fit your life like that? NO WAY!

    But strange it is, no matter how lovely or high they are, after you buy them home you think about buying another pair next week. Soulmates are like perfect shoes–they do exist, but for how long you are going to be happy with them after finding them? And shocking to see that women are not loyal animals after all, when we put so much blame on men!


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