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  • Prost! German precision!

    Posted on April 25th, 2009 Michele Sun No comments


    OK, so it is 3:10pm on a more laidback Fri afternoon, and you won’t need to Skype with the engineers in India or your PM in Taiwan — TGIF! You email, Facebook, twitter to bounce off ideas where to F2F tonight with your buddies…, communication is action! Later that night you sit down at a microbrewer and so looking forward to the tingly spicy hot wings and “a pint of” ice cold beer…

    “Wait a second, my beer isn’t poured full” your skinny German colleague barked!

    Shyst, German precision!!

    So we all agree that German can be very down to details and probably the most down to details people besides Japanese, and the phrase “German precision” is proudly used to describe machinery tools, engine parts, watches, cars of course, and other timeless pieces. But I was really impressed when my ice cold beer arrived when I was at Hamburg, Germany,

    During my dinner, I noticed there was a mark on my beer mug..


    Here, I will turn the glass around so you can see it better..


    Want to see how the bartender poured the beer precisely to the mark? I ordered second beer just for your benefit :-p


    I saw this type of precision in almost every little things I encountered in Germany; the measurements are simply and clearly marked on the packaging.

    My 300g of licorice,


    25 sticks of coffee mixes,


    1 kg of cocoa,


    and of course can’t leave home without it, my favorite  Kinder Bueno, 2 sticks


    In Germany, one never have to worry about been short poured at a bar and certainly don’t need to carry a Beer Gauge with you to measure it!



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