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  • Passion

    Posted on January 8th, 2013 Michele Sun No comments

    It’s official now!! I am a GU Athlete and represent the first and foremost nutrition company in the world. I am so excited to be an esteemed member of the GU Crew, sponsored by GU Energy Labs whose mission is to build better athletes through thoughtful sports nutrition. Can’t wait to start my racing, training this year with GU on my sleeves, such a great way to kick off 2013!

    After calming down from the initial excitement , I started getting nervous about  this very fantastic and honored opportunity. For sure I am not the  fastest runner, so why me? I don’t have drawer full of winner medals nor holding any course records at some bad-ass ultra-marathon courses, so how did I earn this most awesome sponsorship from GU? It’s not about the free products or free race entry, it’s the fact that I am associated with GU and wearing that logo on my shirt that excites me. It’s a recognition that I believe every athlete  dreams of. Several running friends messaged me and wanted to know how I did it and I pondered that question last night and today.

    I started doubting myself  and feeling that I probably do not deserve such great opportunity to represent company/ products like GU,  for there are so many fast runners out there than me. When I shared this with my friend Christophe, he commented “Silly, of course you deserve it; you well represent the passion of running!” He helped me uncovered the  magic word —  “PASSION“! I am passionate about my race, my training, running community, and I am certainly passionate about sharing benefits of great products. In fact “PASSION”  is one word that friends use to describe me on top of “driven” and “discipline.”

    I know some people might think that I take running and training too seriously, but doing anything with mediocre-effort is simply a waste of time, isn’t it?  That applies to my attitude toward work, hobbies, friendship, relationship…etc. If doing what you are doing isn’t worth talking about, doesn’t inspire anyone, doesn’t leave a legacy, how sad if you are are just trudging along?

    Few words that I hope you find them inspirational —

    Don’t wait…

    Set the bar
    Tell someone about it
    And start moving down the path, bit by bit

    At a minimum, your journey will be more interesting

    2013 is going to be an awesome year, and I look forward to all the fun and exciting experiences coming along with being an Athlete of the GU Crew. I will update my race calendar soon and Happy Running everyone!


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