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  • Magic of Habit

    Posted on November 30th, 2009 Michele Sun No comments

    I haven’t been blogging for almost a month, and some friends have been asking about why I have stopped and demanding when they could read my next post. Well, just like how I started – there were thoughts that I wanted to put into writing, and lately my mind have been occupied by work related subjects that I simply did not have much bandwidth to write for pleasure.

    During this month-long break, I have discovered that I, and probably many of you, am creature of habits. When first started blogging, often I felt there were thoughts constantly threading and weaving in my head, and I merely was writing in result of that “magic push” — a force of power that I could not ignore or stop. But once I stopped writing for a week or so, that needs to write diminished and even my heart wanted to re-pick up the habit;  somehow I got stuck and could not move forward. It’s not hitting writer’s block I know, more like the same force of power just wanted to work the opposite way. The magic of habit.

    Though I have stopped writing my own blog, but  I have spent lots of time researching work related material and have came upon many nice commercial blogs. I took my time to study and digest, and found enormous amounts and supplies of information with the help of internet, both very useful ones and useless ones.  A good website that keeps readers coming back are those with contents that are relevant and useful to readers. Unfortunately many corporate websites are merely “others have it, so we also have it” results.  I call that “homework to please the boss”, and totally useless to readers and consumers.

    Blogging is a very pleasant and enjoyable experience, and should not be a mental burden, at least to me. I did not start it as a “duty”, therefore I will continue to write as long as I find it’s enjoyable and fun doing it. There are bloggers that faithfully posting new articles daily or weekly and I envy their dedication with great admiration, really. But I will continue mine with the “write to my heart’s content” attitude, the same way I enjoy other activities in my life – reading, running…etc.

    Now, I am back and sharing my thoughts from my new site – www. michelesun.com


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