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  • It’s Not Just About Running

    Posted on February 10th, 2014 Michele Sun No comments

    Couple weeks ago I heard my calling during my runs, and it’s not just about running!

    On a weekend in mid Jan, I was running at Steven Creek Reservoir and took a different route following other Striders. As I was coming out of the trail running up onto Mt Eden Road, I heard someone shouting out my name “What are you doing here, Michele Sun? Are you doing Ultra now?” I looked up and saw Jerald standing by his bike in the middle of no where. Wow, what a nice surprise!! An hour or so later I was at Hobee’s for usual post run breakfast, and a random girl asked me “Did you run this year?” while she was admiring my Tiffany necklace; I didn’t know her but I understood she was referring to the Tiffany/Nike necklace I was wearing. I proudly played and showed that pendant to her and explained “No, I didn’t run it, but a friend of mime did and gave me his medal as an encouragement after I was hospitalized.” That “friend of mine” is Mike. That weekend was JD’s birthday, so early Sunday morning I ran to his bench to give him flower. On my way back to Los Gatos Creek Trail, I heard a very cheerful “Hi, good to see you Michele!” and that was Chris, and it’s indeed very nice to see him as I don’t usually run this portion of LGCT and I actually haven’t seen Chris except reading his smart-ass comments about sports on Facebook.

    That afternoon I couldn’t help but thinking “wow, what a coincidence that I ran into those guys in 24 hours,” and all of them have one thing in common — they were my Team In Training teammates. TNT has turned me into a runner from someone who couldn’t jog a quarter of mile without huffing and puffing! With the Tue morning buddy runs, Thur track workout and Sat long runs, I completed my first Half Marathon in SF. Till now I still remember exactly the conversation I had with Christine at the start line of Rock n’ Roll San Diego; we both swore “this will be our first marathon and also our last marathon.” But  I became a Mentor with TNT and ran the Honolulu Marathon with Linda, Jennifer, Loi, Robin..etc. .. Did Christine run another marathon? Of course!! She and I did the Mayor’s Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage, Alaska together!!

    Later that evening I got a text message from Stan whom I also met through TNT, and he had a great news to share — he would be coaching the TNT Pen-team summer season, and he asked if I would like to come back and get involved with TNT again. I thought about my wonderful and positive experience with TNT, all the great people I have met through TNT, and many of them not only helped me crossing the first finish line, but also supported me when I was going through a very tough time last Oct & Nov. So is this a sign? Everything happened this weekend is not just coincidence?

    Back then I had no personal connection with cancer, and non of my family members or friends were impacted by cancer. I had come across with Team In Training after some research about how I could get involved with LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society), and how I could support their mission in funding research, finding cure and providing patient service to blood caner patients. I was a registered bone marrow donor for many years, but I wanted to do more than sit and wait to be someone’s match. With Team In Training, I had the opportunity to fund-raise for a great cause, and at the same time train under a well managed and proven working program, and the best part? awesome comradery!!

    Many people have commented about how strong I am to come back running so fast after the surgery last Oct, and I am just so happy that I still can do what I love. But now I think my able to run in the beautiful trails or log in 13 miles again is telling me something bigger than just running itself.  Running isn’t just about my personal achievement any more, not just about PR, medal or the cute shirt. To me running is about fighting cancer and celebrating life! Running has brought strength, goal and so much awesomeness and positive energy into my life, shouldn’t I give them back through running as well? I weighted my conditions, schedules, and responsibilities..etc, and bounced the idea with a friend “I am thinking about to be a Captain with TNT; I think I have heard my calling.” He simply replied “You, definitely.”

    So here I am, Captain Michele, making your goals my goal!! Go TEAM!!



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