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  • Investing in Myself 1, 2, 3

    Posted on May 21st, 2009 Michele Sun No comments

    Last night I got an email from a friend of mine asking me to join a Line Dance class with her; in her email she simply stated “seriously need to exercise and lose some weight, but need a companion to do it together.” Clear enough! I replied, after my morning run this morning, that I would be more than happy to be her workout buddy, and I gave her my running schedules – Tue, Thur and Sat, and gym workout schedules – Mon, Wed and Fri, and Sunday we could do Yoga together. Line dance is just not my type of exercise, I said.

    I even offered to pick her up and “make her” exercise, because I know it’s easy to start but hard to stick to it. And if she wants to try group classes at gym, I would attend the classes with her as well. However, she responded within 5 minutes saying that she hates to workout at gym, did not want to run, and also agreed line dance seemed boring as well, no mention of Yoga. End of discussion.

    I often come across people telling me that they want to, need to, should and like to lose some weights, want to live a healthier lifestyle, but they refuse to exercise – whatever form of exercise, and usually they are on their yo-yo diet for years already. The most ideal solution to their weight loss dream will be “do nothing, no diet, no exercise” and lose weight miracally. No wonder there are all sorts of weight lose scams out there, and gadgets and tools that work on your body instead of you working on it.

    What I don’t understand is people are willing to take the risk to pop pills/herbs into their body, but simply don’t eat right and exercise regularly. I am sure most of people take care of their cars according to the user’s manual — filling the right kind of gas, oil change at certain mileage, rotate the tires…etc. People take care of their cars because they invest in their cars in order to keep the value/assets. People also open Saving account and invest in stock market, because they want to invest money in money and hopefully grow more money.

    So, if we see the importance of taking good care of our cars, shouldn’t we take good care of ourselves? Money can earn money, and sure can time earn time. It’s time that we invest our future by investing in ourselves NOW.

    This is my Investing in Myself 1, 2, 3

    1. Eat healthier, exercise and stay fit
    Forget about the numbers on your scale and throw away those pills or herb. Eat nutritious food for your health and exercise to get a healthy body; you will find yourself have more energy than people who don’t exercise. After exercise your brain releases some chemicals to make you feel alert and feel good mood.
    You will find a new and confident you with improved energy, strength, endurance, health and body fitness, plus stay out from illnesses and disease.

    2. Reading more books
    “Knowledge is power” – You will not waste time reading books, so watch less television and start reading. I know many people that keep telling their children to study harder, but they don’t read anything at all themselves. Reading more books make you more expertise and know more, and make you a more interesting person to be with. Reading enhances your creativeness and generates more ideas for further benefits, and you will be confident and stay competitive in others areas of life. Why not make yourself read at least one book a month?

    3. Volunteer in charity and community works
    The more you give the more you will receive; give a hand to someone that needs help, either monetary or expertise; you will feel good and will receive more than what you give. You will feel happier morally and emotionally, and cultivate good attitude being a positive soul mate that everyone love to be friend with.

    I love myself, therefore I invest in myself!


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