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  • If I Told You

    Posted on August 21st, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    “Leaving “by Christophe Wilhem

    If I told you I still love you
    How would you react?

    Would you leave me in the cold
    Or push me and run
    Like you always have
    Before you broke my heart

    Would you take my hand in yours?
    And tell me it wouldn’t work
    With more maturity
    Than I could muster

    Would you pull me close?
    For one last embrace
    Then leave me for good

    Or would you fulfill all of my dreams
    And tell me that my love for you
    Is not in vain
    And that you love me too


    *Photo credit: “Leaving” by Christophe Wilhelm

    Once again, Christophe’s photography tapped my heartstrings, such inspiration! But this time the image is so disturbing that I was restless for several nights. Funny thing is when I saw the photo I saw a male figure in the picture, but it clearly was a girl walking away from the lens — one can be really blind by what he/she wanted to see!




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