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  • Have You Ever

    Posted on May 19th, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    Have you ever watched it and stared,
    locked your eyes like there was no tomorrow?
    Have you ever felt it in your dreams,
    and watched it sleep through all the sorrow?

    Have you ever fallen in love,
    for only a second or two?
    Have you ever felt the sweetness,
    go sour and pass right through you?

    Have you ever felt the warmth against your neck,
    and the whispers in your ear,
    Have you ever followed the screams,
    the screams no one else can hear,

    Have you ever felt the smile,
    from the stranger your wish you knew?
    Have you ever fallen…
    fallen like I have fallen for you?

    Have you ever felt the wind,
    wrap its arms around you?
    Have you ever stood so still,
    that everything else refused to move?

    Have you ever unplugged the phone,
    and danced away the pain?
    Have you ever gone out alone,
    just to kiss the rain?

    Have you ever looked up at night,
    counted all the stars that smile at you?
    Have you ever cried out loud,
    cause that’s what you feel your supposed to do?

    Have you ever seen the face,
    covered by the shadows of your walls?
    Have you ever cried out with grace,
    finally understanding it all?


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