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  • Happy Birthday

    Posted on August 15th, 2014 Michele Sun No comments

    I can’t give you the stars,
    That we wish upon.
    I can’t give you the sun,
    That rises at dawn.

    I can’t give you a hug,
    That you need to feel.
    I can’t even give you a kiss,
    To show my love is real.

    I can’t watch you blow out candles,
    On your Birthday cake.
    I can’t even give you a piece,
    Of the one I will make.

    I can’t watch you open gifts,
    Or see those charming eyes.
    Not being able to be there,
    Breaks this heart of mine.

    But, I can give you my love,
    My heart, and my soul.
    I can even make you a promise,
    That I’ll love you more tomorrow.

    If all of these miles between us,
    Ever finally end one day.
    I’ll hold your hand, look into your eyes,
    And with loving words, I’ll say……

    “Happy Birthday!”


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