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  • Good Karma

    Posted on July 8th, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    Last Sat I was telling my friend Anita about how I signed up the San Lorenzo River Trail race after reading a blog post by a a runner named Paul (which I don’t know him personally) about last year’s SLR race, and how he actually was behind me and helped me crossing the river on the race day. I had no idea THAT was Paul until Fernando forwarded me Paul’s new post about this year’s race, and I was mentioned in his story and picture. I felt the whole thing was such a “good karma”, and Anita commented “you always have good karma.” That made me pondering “ hmm… do I?

    On Monday I had my regular acupuncture appointment, and the acupuncturist  was glad to see I was making progress under his treatment, and he said “you respond well to acupuncture and I think it’s good karma.” Ah ha, second time hearing this “karma” word and I was quite amused. Then something occurred last night, very randomly, and I started to believe I actually have good karma with people 🙂

    During our trip to Japan and Taiwan, I knew Max had taken quite a lot of photos but he never shared them for he is a very private person (meaning he doesn’t do volume posts on Facebook), and also he has been very busy. Yesterday at the picnic he gave me an external hard drive that contained pictures from our trip. I opened the 840 files, and found all these beautiful pictures that carry great memory I have! Most of the things and places we had seen together, but some pictures were taken while I was running 42.195km on the streets of Tokyo, some while I was wondering around and not noticed little details, like the kissing cats near Kyoto JR station.

    I went through those pictures last night, and it’s like having glimpses of memory and stories all over again. Especially there were several pictures of me that I never see myself that way, and I got the chance to look at myself through his eyes and that’s a very interesting experience.

    But the thing that brought me to believe in having “good karma” is the picture of an intersection that right by my parents’ house  — the place that my brother, sister and I grew up, and the street that we must have crossed gazillion times. My parents moved out of that house not too long ago, actually right after I visited them in March, and I don’t have any pictures of the house or the neighborhood.  Pure coincidence that Max took a picture of the street that’s full of childhood memory, so I shared the picture with my brother and sister for I know we will all cherish that forever. He captured a very important memory of ours, and “that’s what pictures are for” he told me that just couple weeks ago before this actually took place.

    Speaking of “good karma“, couple weeks ago I had the pleasure to have lunch with David while he was in town for business and the Hadoop Summit, and as always it’s interesting to meet and have conversation with him. I genuinely think I am too lucky to have met quite a few very intelligent and interesting people through work, and David has been one of my favorite editors/writers to work with, and now I regard him more a friend than business acquaintances. I always like the “personality” in his writing, instead of just hard data and spec or obnoxious writing style which some editors are known for, and I have great respect in his involvement with local community development and charity causes. The other editor/writer I respect in the similar way is Mike.

    Looking back when I was just a rookie PR girl, I met David while I was on a press tour, and he was so kind that instead of me driving to Westlake to meet with him, he came to our hotel in central L.A. to meet us and listened to my colleague’s presentation. My boss probably would have heartache if he had knew that I was eating breakfast and drinking coffee under David’s encouragement while the PM was going through the PowerPoint pitch.

    We worked together on couple new product launches, and with each story published he made me looking like a star in top management’s eyes. Eventually I even landed a new job with fat paycheck because of that halo effect. One summer we both went to Taipei for Computex, and he and his staffs were staying at the The Grand Hotel which my father happened to be one of the architects. I brought couple aged  photos that my father shoot during the construction, and shared with David over an authentic Shiao Long Bao (little steam buns) dinner that tourists wouldn’t know about. That was a fascinating dinner gathering 5,500 miles away from home, over old pictures, good stories, great food and awesome friendship!

    Couple years ago he moved to St Louis so we did not get to see each other often, but always remain contact to keep each other posted with his bike riding and my running. He is very involved with MS Bike Ride, and he always does this crazy annual long ride. To his complete surprise, I went to cheer him and his best friend at the start line of his two days bike ride from Irvine to San Diego. He always invites me to do a marathon race in St Louis (before my knees give up), so I can visit him and his wife. Friend like David  is a new door to a different world — one that’s intelligent and inspiring!

    I feel completely blessed to have such good karma and good energy from people that I came across in my life. Of course there were times that I got hurt, because good-hearted people always get hurt, but that’s part of life. From a positive perspective it’s telling me that I am a better person than they are, and  I can overcome the damage and hurt and still be myself and not turning into a hater. I still hold my passion and trust in people, and I cherish each encounter I have had with them.

    I am not a religious person, but I believe in karma, and I believe if you put out positive vibes and that’s all you’re going to get back.



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