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  • From Surviving Cancer to Life is a Journey

    Posted on September 11th, 2009 Michele Sun No comments

    Recently couple people around me have had immediate family member diagnosed with cancer, and the shocking news have sent everyone over the edge. The initial reaction to the most unexpected bad news started with surprise and denial, and then came fear, depression, anger and doubt. Why? Why me? Why my loved one? Why at such young age? Then series of operation, treatment, chemotherapy, and unimaginable pains, sufferings, tears and heartbreak… all these are inevitable.

    Public health experts have pointed out that overall rates of death from cancer have not budged, but some cancers are a lot more survivable than others. More than ever, a diagnosis of pancreatic cancer today isn’t necessarily the death sentence it may have been a 20 years ago. For some adult cancers, the survival rate can be as high as 70%. So it is not impossible for one to fight the cancer and win. However, after surviving the torment, cancer patient may still has to continue living in fear with exhaustion and weariness —  life after cancer can be anything but ordinary.

    Power of love is the best medication; the support, encouragement, caring and love from family members and friends can help a cancer patient survive the toughest battles. And love gives caner patient the strength and will to live through the darkest days and nights.

    Through The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, I have seen cancer patients strongly fight against blood cancer and find joy and peace in life again. I was honored to participate in Honolulu Marathon with a 16 year old cancer survivor who fought blood cancer since age of 8, and I was in tears when his parents hugged him after he crossing the finish line.

    Every cancer patient has different stories to tell, and each have walked different battleground, however the pain and suffering are the same. From those cancer survivors, I learn to live life to the fullest and treasure each moment everyday. There are times that life throws a sudden turn to us, but what’s when we see and experience different journey. Sometimes, in fact very often, we can’t control what happens in our life, but within what’s manageable we should live the life we want, love the person we want, go to places we want.

    We can’t control how long we will live, but sure can manage how we want to live. Course of life may seem to be bumpy and windy from time to time, but the crucial steps are very few. When facing to the turning point in our life, let’s face to the manageable with wisdom, and with unmanageable let’s try our best and leave rest of it to faith.

    Dream the undreamable and touch the untouchable!


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