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  • Forgotten You

    Posted on November 5th, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    For endless sunsets
    I’ve searched my heart
    To describe the way I feel.
    The page has remained untouched
    Until tonight…

    The words kept escaping me..
    What I needed to say,
    They might surprise you.
    I suppose I should be sorry.

    You see, I’m starting to forget you.
    Your eyes, your voice, your touch.
    Like fallen leaves floating
    Down a rushing river..
    My life is leaving your memory behind.

    I search for something to cling to,
    A part of you to hold.
    My hands remain empty.

    There’s nothing but this simple page,
    Now tarnished by words,
    That you will never hear…
    Trapped on paper,
    That your eyes
    Will never see.

    Have I forgotten you?


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