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  • Ever Beating Heart

    Posted on May 6th, 2013 Michele Sun No comments

    How many times can a heart be broken,
    how many times can a heart feel pain,
    over and over, it seems to happen,
    but still the heart beats on again.

    How many tears will have to fall,
    to wash away the pain,
    and what is left of the broken heart,
    do the memories still remain.

    And what of the eyes,
    that no longer see,
    the face of the loved one,
    are they free.

    The ears that heard the word of love,
    are they now deaf and dumb,
    refuse to hear another word,
    to loneliness succumb.

    The lips that felt the gentle kiss,
    of the lovers lips upon them,
    do they shrivel up an die,
    never speak, only sigh.

    Does the body spend its life in pain,
    never to know love again,
    or will it one day wake from sleep,
    and know again, its heart still beats.


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