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    Posted on July 6th, 2011 Michele Sun No comments

    Dreams, of still holding you
    on a warm summer night
    are far behind us now
    crashed into the light

    they’ve fallen far away from us
    empty of the nights magic
    dreaming of our time, together
    your love made me an addict

    we always played in a lot
    of what we thought was romance
    I held you close every night
    as we played in that dance

    it all felt like a fantasy
    then it all became real
    blinded me every night
    my heart, did you ever feel

    it was taken away
    when I woke up in this reality
    everything found the way to leave
    couldn’t find any of that fantasy

    there were many times
    we spent loving, together
    there now left to be memories
    that will be cherished, forever

    will always be here
    to rampage in my soul
    it was the sweetest love
    was worth more than any gold


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