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  • Cry Me a River

    Posted on December 31st, 2011 Michele Sun No comments

    Cry me a river,
    a river full of pain,
    let it wash into my soul,
    and give me peace again.
    let it wash these memories,
    that lie inside my heart,
    may it give me freedom,
    help the hurt depart.

    I’ll cast each thought, and memory,
    into the flowing stream,
    and think no more of you and I,
    and how love might have been,
    and as I watch them float away,
    I shall be free from pain,
    and forget the day I met you,
    I’ll remember not your name.

    Oh cry me now a river,
    take this love I had for you,
    for once again, I gave it,
    to a heart that was untrue,
    take now my broken heart,
    let it flow down to the sea,
    till everything about you,
    is just a distant memory.



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