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  • Beste Michele

    Posted on March 30th, 2015 Michele Sun No comments

    Today my friend Karl asked me if I am ready for Rotterdam. Am I?
    I am as ready as I can, but not as what I hope/wish I can. After my last two 20ml long runs, I started worry that I wouldn’t be able to meet the 5:30 cut off time. Rotterdam isn’t a too challenging course, but for the first time I actually worry that I won’t be able to finish a marathon. When I started this cycle of treatment I almost laughed why doctor warning me about weakening legs, back pain, muscle dissolves…etc, but unfortunately after the second treatment I discovered that I couldn’t walk up the stairs at home, and it took me almost 4 hours to do my 20 miler.

    But not one day have I thought about giving up, I look forward running Rotterdam Marathon even more than before. I am not trying to prove anything to anyone, but I wish I can continue living a normal life and running and racing is my “normal life.” Going through training program while undergoing treatment hasn’t been easy, but I am so glad that I have all the morale support from my friends. No one has tried to stop me, instead I am encouraged to “run your own race” and “you can do this Michele, run it for us.” And I know on the race day I will be cheered and watched from across the pond!!

    Sunday 3/8, the first day we turned our clock an hour forward and also the day I would do my first 20ml training run. I purposely didn’t setup the alarm and wanted to allow my body to wake up naturally. Started the run in dark but the full moon was so bright and amazingly beautiful, and it guided the trail no problem at all that I didn’t need my headlamp. It’s foggy but not cold, and I was running in a bright orange shirt that’s totally very Ducth 🙂 The weather probably will be much colder in April in Rotterdam, and very possibly will be rainy.  Now I just have to remember how to run in cold weather 🙂


    Sat 3/21, my second 20miler and I put on the exact race day outfit I have picked for Rotterdam. A US flag Buff, the Queen’s color Run for Amma running shirt, running skirt, calve-sleeves, and my new Brooks Pure Cadence 3. I also fixed the issues that I had from the last 20 miler: blisters on big toes, under my feet, chafing on my rib cage…etc. I was 3 days after the most recent treatment and very tired and weak, but didn’t feel nausea or the need to throw up like last time. This time I was 7 mins faster than last one!! Hope I won’t be too weak by the time race comes, and at least keep up the current pace.

    photo 1

    Sat 3/28, I was supposed to pace the 2:10 time slot at Livermore Half Marathon, but I could no longer do that kind of speed now. So I told Venkat and Michael that I would run 2:20 as my last training run and thanked to my co-pacer for taking over the pacing duty alone. It turned out to be a very warm day, and I was struggling starting at at mile 9. But I did finish this Half at 2:21 and that’s the pace I plan to lock in at Rotterdam, given the weather should be cooler there and the energy from the crowd will carry me 42K through the beautiful Rotterdam!!! Rotterdam Marathon  has my profile on their official site with US flag on it, so got to make sure I represent, right?!

    This is the hardest training season I have been through, but soon and very excitingly that I will be on my way to Europe meeting my friends, which is the reason why I signed up Rotterdam to begin with. These are my Tokyo and Paris marathon gang and can’t wait to see them again! The thought of carbo loading together, having coffee together, running the cobblestoned streets together.. have kept me going through this very tough months.  I know I will be slow and will not win anything, but the great friendship that comes with running and the chance to see them in person is the best bling in this for me!!



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