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  • Be Mindful

    Posted on October 4th, 2011 Michele Sun No comments

    I have been taught to focus on what I am doing, be mindful, by my father, teachers, Master.. but I still rush into everything I do, and do it by multitasking, a lot. Just tonight I was mixing a protein shake, after adding the soy milk and the protein powder in the shaker, I gave it a good 30 seconds shake. While unscrewing the cap, suddenly remembered that I haven’t got today’s mails yet. Putting down the shaker, going out to mail box and getting my junks & bills..etc, came back to kitchen and continued to shake the shaker.

    Disaster!! The cap was unscrewed and all the mixture splashed all over the counter, floor, plates & cups, fruits and my shirt.. etc, everywhere!! That’s when “be mindful” came into my mind, and I remembered what Master taught “When reading, only read. When eating, only eat. When thinking, only think.” To simply put — no multitasking!

    Often I find myself engaged in multiple tasks without even realizing it, for instance it’s very common that I caught myself eating dinner, surf internet on computer, texting on iPhone, reading a magazine, listening to news on TV… all at once. If these are symptoms, I definitely is seriously ill, addicted.

    While mopping kitchen floor, I started thinking why not allow myself to slow down? Double the time to complete everything I do? Practice present moment awareness throughout my day, and avoid distractions. Of course I know with my symptoms, that’s going to be very hard for me to change overnight, and will take a lot of discipline to break the habit.

    But for a start – allow myself time to change, and be content with less multitasking.


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    • Another great observation on how we live our lives everday. I was in a meeting today – texting to my friend, talking to the person next to me and listening to the presenter all at the same time. why? not sure why I cannot give my attention to one task at a time but sure wish I could.

      Ray Wallin

    • BTW, i poured my cereal this morning, got involved in getting ready for work and then forgot to eat the bowl of cereal. The bowl, filled with cereal, was still sitting on the counter when I returned from work this evening. Boy was i hungry at lunch and I am surprised the dog didn’t eat it.


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