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  • Stirred up Memory

    Posted on July 1st, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    Yesterday  I was on CalTrain on my way to Redwood City looking for that infamous “lost iPhone bar” — Gourmet Haus Staudt, thanks to Richard‘s recommendation, and during my “field trip” train ride I saw Christophe posted a photo “Bamboo” and it instantly transformed me to a time and place that’s not only special but very unforgettable to me.

    Christophe’s “Bamboo” was shot in the Japanese Tea Garden, and his photos always speak with impact and in-depth. However this particular photo  tapped my heartstrings.

    Living in Bay Area for so many years, I had never been to this Tea Garden  until the afternoon of March 11 this year. It was the day after coming back from Tokyo and I was very dizzy from jet-lag, and very dazzled from that dreamy afternoon.

    The Tea Garden in SF of course can’t compare to the zen gardens in Japan, the weather, the crowd, the sound of English… delivered wrong atmosphere, however it felt so surreal and romantic in chilly spring because of the company. Most of visitors come to this Tea Garden to experience the beauty, tranquility and Japanese culture, but I did not feel any of these because I was so into my zone, a little world that nothing fits into it. The only image, sound, smell, touch that I sensed was the person next to me. There was something in the air that awaken my senses!

    I often feel that one does not have to travel far for his/her journey, and it really is not about the place but whom you are with. That afternoon can’t be any more perfect. So I have to disagree with  “La perfection n’est pas de ce monde”  though. I was completely mesmerized and spellbound, and  I felt alive  and happy.

    It was an experience that felt like dream have come true, and an experience that I wish to live again. That afternoon may only lasts a short while in our life, but the memories it holds last forever with me.



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