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  • As The Nights Enchants

    Posted on July 1st, 2013 Michele Sun No comments

    When the moon is high in the nighttime sky
    And the stars above it gleam
    I will think of you as I always do
    As an answer to my dream.

    With the moon and star I am taken far
    To that place where angels sing
    In a world so wide how it’s amplified
    All this wonder that you bring.

    If there comes a tear then my eyes will clear
    And I’ll take in of the sights
    And I’ll watch the sky as the night enchants
    And you’ll be the Northern Lights.

    In a sky so broad there is only a moon
    That’s high in the nighttime sky
    At the bottom of my heart there is only you
    And I thought you should be told…


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