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  • A Special Place In My Heart

    Posted on December 5th, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    "Locked" by Christophe Wilhelm

     In my heart I have this place
    Tucked deep down inside
    Where no one can see
    No one may enter for in here
    All of my thoughts, ideas,
    And emotions are stored

    In my heart I have this place
    And day-by-day the pages are filled
    Some thoughts happy, others sad
    But what matters most
    Is that they are all mine

    Things that hurt and things that heal
    No one must ever know
    For someone to know
    Is to allow them a key
    A key to my destruction
    To allow entrance
    Is to allow emotional fatality

    In my heart I have this place
    And there are many doors
    To each door there is a key
    One person holds the master key
    The one that unlocks all the doors
    And day-by-day, one more door is opened
    And greater access is gained

    One person I don’t deny
    One is granted such permission
    That one person,
    Is you


    * Thank Christophe for the photo & inspiration!


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