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  • A Fool’s Wish

    Posted on August 8th, 2012 Michele Sun No comments

    I opened my soul like a sponge to water
    I yearn to be engulfed in your scent
    To be touched, be embraced in amour

    To make your world my macrocosm
    To absorb your every wordage
    To intertwine with the masses

    But you see not of beauty of grace
    You see not my soul exposed, reaching
    Another has expired your will to delight

    It is but a fools wish to gain worth
    To yearn to be immersed in bliss
    To be elevated to heights of grander

    I shall cocoon into walls of solitude
    To never again wish that of devotion
    I wish no more of embrace of love

    No longer to feel the euphoria of another
    I am but a fool with a fool’s wish


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