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  • My 2015 Forecast

    Posted on January 6th, 2015 Michele Sun No comments

    Happy New Year!! And no, this is not a New Year resolution post 🙂

    I don’t have “new year resolution” because I always think that if there is anything need to be improved or fixed, then should do it right away. Why wait? Every Jan & Feb I see gyms flooded with the ‘Resolutioners” and I truly wish they will stick to it, be active, be healthy. For myself, I wish to keep running and enjoy it as much as possible with less injury. Continue to be strong and positive, and kick cancer’s butt with my scared runner’s legs!

    After New York City Marathon, I had a bit post marathon blue, but glad that The North Face 50K wrapped up 2014 very nicely. While vacationing in Cancun, I was having problem to map out my 2015 race calendar because I didn’t get into London and I completely forgot to register for Berlin. So what races do I want to run this year? Without “THE” races ahead of me, what and where do I want to run? Like business, we do forecast, budget and headcount for each year, so for running I put together race calendar and there is reason and logic behind that calendar. Hoping to map out a challenging & deliverable goal, knowing my cost and hope for low turn-over rate.

    After the experience of NYCM and TNFEC50, I came to realize that yes destination race is exciting, but it also has to do with whom you go with. I like to explore the Expo with my running buddies, and I love to see their faces when I cross the finish. And road trip and carbo-loading with them has been so much fun, even though we were just crossing the Golden Gate Bridge. “It’s not where you run, but whom you run it with.”

    So this year, I will do at least one charity run for the good cause. Will do more small local races, at least one Half per month, where my running buddies do. For spring marathon I plan to run Marathon Rotterdam in Netherlands, so I can visit Mark whom I met at Tokyo Marathon 2012 and we ran Paris Marathon in 2013. I was planning to do race support when he came to run Chicago 2013, but I was in hospital unexpectedly and couldn’t meet him that time. In summer, I will do the Rainier to Ruston Rail-Trail Relay with another Mark from Google+, and this will be my first time running at Northwest Pacific. Depending on the lottery result, I wish to run St. George Marathon in fall which is supposed to be very scenic and will be a good destination run with friends. Then another Ultra toward the year-end, North Face is asking if I want to try a 50ml this time :-p

    So what about you? What’s on your calendar and map?


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