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    • There is a silicon valley version


    • I remember watching this cartoon as a kid too.

    • Michele,

      After the half marathon today I had some free time and I googled the name “michelle sun”. I found your blog. I read most of the entries in your blog today and I just wanted to say I really enjoyed it. I can see that you are a very passionate, insightful and inspirational person. I hope you keep “blogging” so that I can enjoy your thoughts in the future.

      Ray Wallin
      Keep Running!

    • Another great observation on how we live our lives everday. I was in a meeting today – texting to my friend, talking to the person next to me and listening to the presenter all at the same time. why? not sure why I cannot give my attention to one task at a time but sure wish I could.

      Ray Wallin

    • BTW, i poured my cereal this morning, got involved in getting ready for work and then forgot to eat the bowl of cereal. The bowl, filled with cereal, was still sitting on the counter when I returned from work this evening. Boy was i hungry at lunch and I am surprised the dog didn’t eat it.


    • must be deep pain

    • Maybe runnng will help. U r so vulnerable that a new relationship would not be advised. Attitude is everthing in this situation.

    • Yea, good positive attitude.

    • Another inspiring poem.

    • Michele,

      Does the last sentence have a double meaning?
      Also, a good way to describe the risk in a new relationship

      Well done!

      • It does have double meaning, and from time to time I like to include hidden message.
        People often like the excitement and uncertainty (of a new relationship), but that burns off fast then what’s left?

    • In reading your recent poems I was wondering are they directed at a certain person or are they intended for a wider audience? You have such intensity of emotion and feeling. And, your insights into relationships is excellent.

    • I learn so much from you. How do you know so mu h? Personal experience or just natural insights?

    • Question: many of your poems deal with someone far away. Why?

    • Perhaps beacuse that person is/was far away :-p

    • As grown up, I often feel that we all have walls that we build up or mask we wear in order to live in this world. Words are my way to unmask.

    • Recent entries are inspired by someone/events in life; for instance, this was written after our Santa Cruz run and it was raining hard the night before. Words were floating in my head, like code floating in programer’s head on a good day πŸ™‚

    • Hi Michele,
      I came across the article while browsing through your site this morning in response to your comment on my post.
      It’s a very uplifting and genuine article Michele – I saw a movie some years back – “What women want” starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt and I am remembering a scene where Mel Gibson is doing an Ad Presentation for Nike and the scene cuts to the ad of a woman out jogging. Your article reminds me of that scene where its just you and the road you are running on….
      Cheers Michele, thanks for the article, I think you should write more about your passion for running.

      • Hey thanks for reading and comments, glad that someone likes it.
        I like genuine and true hearted works, just a way of expressing what and how I feel.
        I don’t think I have seen that movie you mentioned, so will have to check it out πŸ™‚

    • another great poem. simple but real message.

    • is this a message to someone you know?

    • sorry to hear that. u must be sad

    • Hi there,
      I am a person who don’t do much exercise but just do yoga most of the time. Do you think it’s possible for me to participate in the Tokyo Marathon next year if I start to train up myself now?

      • I don’t know how your health condition is, so first recommendation will be checking with your doctor about this. Running a marathon is not for everyone, after all.
        If your doctor give you OK, then I will say YES you can train yourself for Tokyo Marathon (or other marathon you fancy) as long as you have the right expectation. Going through the training and finishing it is a big deal already, then you can work on improving your time πŸ™‚
        Let me know if you like me to recommend training program for beginner.
        Good luck and thank you for visiting my blog.

    • Hi Michele!

      What a coincidence! Thanks for stopping by my blog to tell me.

      The reason I signed up was I was seeing all this traffic on my blog to that old race report and so I knew it must be coming up..found out it wasn’t fun and signed up!

      So in a way you caused me to be in the race too 8)

      Glad you had a great race!… your friend Max, whoa, he is one fast dude.

      Yes, you have to be more picky about road races..sometimes I like the huge thing but mostly I like smaller-ish ones. For PR race CIM is pretty close and can’t be beat! Not a beautiful course but fast and uncrowded. I found Eugene also had a small town feel but was well run.

      Happy running!

      • Paul, Thank You!! If it’s not for you I would not even have the desire to register!! And totally did not expect to have actually met you, especially during this “fateful” river crossing, and your words provided so much assurance. Good karma!!
        I have signed up CIM for this year as well, so we will be seeing each other soon?!
        Happy Running!!

    • “Found out it wasn’t fun”

      should be

      “Found out it wasn’t full”

      Silly computers. 8/

    • another heartfelt poem. u r my inspiration.

    • Lyndon Mccoil

      I love to visit train stations, specially the older train stations. It really gives me some sort of Nostalgia during the old days.`::,;

      With appreciation

    • great piece, but not your normal view.

    • Hi, I like your blog and thank you for your thoughts. I also just got my notice that I made the Tokyo marathon. This is my first and i am going to walk, light jog it. I saw your note on a beginner training program. Would you mind sharing the program with me?

      Good luck in your training.


      • Hi Jon,

        Congrats on getting in Tokyo Marathon and you will have a blast!!!
        There are many training programs out there, and I personally followed Hal Higdon when I was preparing for my first marathon and couple more after that. It’s quite simple to follow and not as aggressive as some time-goal programs.
        Happy Running and let me know if you have any question about this race.

    • Michele, thanks for your fantastic write-up about the Tokyo Marathon. I’ll be there in 2013 as a member of the Marathon Tours group. I’ll have to order some Amino Vital for my long training runs.

      • Tim,

        Congrats on getting in Tokyo Marathon and good luck with your training!!
        See you in Tokyo and “gambatte” πŸ™‚

    • Michele. Wll you be here in Tokyo. I have been training a lot but i am not really running as much as I wanted to and am still mainly walking. With 46 days left, i need to get more running in. Gambatte!

      • Yes, I will be running in Tokyo again this year, may not be as exciting as last year since some logistic with traveling issue. But I am sure it will turn our to be great race! Hope you have fun and good luck with your training.

    • Good luck. Ii live herr so feel free to call out for any emergency issue

    • Michele, i am so impressed with your self-awareness and recognition of the value of life’s curveballs. I live near the start line and while I am sure that I will be in K block while you are likely to be elsewhere, lets think about meeting up while you are here for a mutually supporting herbal tea or a GU gel for fun?

      In any event, please come to Tokyo as your experience from last year seemed to be a very good time for you. This is such a wonderful country with so many generous warm people. Gambatte! (Good luck)

      • Thank you so much for the comment!
        We can never predict what will happen the next moment, so the best one can do is to seize every moment we can in life to live without regrets. Having say that, it’s still very disappointing that things are not moving as originally planned 6 months ago, but I am determined to make the best experience out of this race/trip.
        I can always run in honor of my friend who is injured and can’t race!!
        Not sure which block I will be this year, but will post photo soon when I receive my race packet πŸ™‚

    • BTW, USA ATM cards can be used astheseveral Citibank branches located inTokyo. Their website is in english and will give you good directions. Also, Shinsei Bank and Japan Post Bank (Yucho Bank) will also accept foreign ATM cards.

      • The most convenient way to have cash for me is ATMs at train station, and after trial and error I found Shinsei Bank works πŸ™‚
        But there was very limited Shinsei Bank ATM. Thanks for the tips, now I know about Post Bank as well.
        Pretty excited, less than one month away.

    • I do count myself lucky to have stumbled upon your blog a few months ago. Your inner turmoil is quite familiar to me as i am trying for my first marathon ever and i am hardly a runner much less a fet runner. You have made the right choice to come to Tokyo to get theyellow shirt and medal.

      I am sure that I will bein the last block so i probably will not ever meet you but I will get great emotional help knowing someone who us running ahead of me!

    • I will see you at the Start block!! Just received my race entry document this morning πŸ™‚

    • Hi Michelle,

      I’ll be running TM2013, I think i am going to start at the last corral, may i know how long it takes to clear the corral? Also, they have enforcement on all check points…so i have to run faster to catch up those lost mins in the waiting corral? Thanks in advance

      • How do you know which corral will you be in? And what was your last marathon tme?
        Tokyo Marathin have wave start, so each corral have a block of time to take off. I was in corral G and took me about 15 minutes to cross the Start timing pad. So it’s about 2 minutes per corral I think.
        Yes there will be check points and you need to make sure you make those in time. If you do end up in the last corral as you said, then at least stand at the very front in your corral. At the beginning, people tend to start too fast; you should try to pace yourself and not to burn your energy too fast too soon.
        It’s an awesome race, and unless you walk all the way, otherwise you should be able to meet the check points time πŸ™‚

    • Hi,

      Thank you for the prompt reply! Yeah, will pace my run and not overwhelm by the adrenaline rush. Does the check point timing give like mins allowance or on the dot?! Thanks


      • The timing at each check point is on the dot, and you can expect losing about 25 minutes if you really are in the last corral.
        The first several miles are very exciting, so do control your pace. You have a target in mind?

    • Ya, quite confirm is last coral! Last timing was around 5:30hr. Last couple of questions.

      1: what’s like running in the cold cos i’m from a tropical country?! Does it makes the run easier?

      2: what is the best running attire for the run? I was trying to put on comp tights while running here but felt uncomfortable. I really hope can wear split shorts instead and a thermal comp top.

      Sorry for all the troubles! Thanks

      • No trouble at all, the reason I blog about this Tokyo Marathon is I found how little information I could get from their website and Facebook. There are just not enough info for people outside of Japan. I’m glad to be resourceful actually πŸ™‚
        1. I found it easier to run in cold weather, because your body and head don’t get over-heated. Tokyo is about the same in terms of temperature as where I am, but it’s more “wet” in the air.
        2. I would suggest you pack two sets of running cloth. One for cold condition, even rainy condition. And one set assuming weather to be warm. Most of Japanese run overdressed, too many layers! I think to them it’s really cold on the race day. I wore a short sleeve tech-t, with compression arm sleeves, that way I could roll the sleeve down if necessary. I had a 3/4 length Capri, only because I was trained in those cloth not because I needed the Capri. You should race in what you are comfortable with, and don’t change or try anything new. You can pack warm cloth in the gear check bag, and change to them after you cross the Finish. The Finish area is by the ocean and it gets very cold.
        My blood sugar and body temperature dropped really fast after I finish my race last year because my friend had my bag & cloth, but he was late coming to meet me — I ran much faster than we predicted πŸ™‚

        Any question just let me know, no trouble at all!!! Gambatte!!

    • Hi,

      Thank you so much for the infos, cant get much answer from the website. Hope to see you around the race ya!

    • Great that you now focused on the possibilities that a “reset” affords. I am in this marathon for a “reset” goal and can feel some of the anxity you have expressed. Good onya (as the aussies say)”. Good luck next week and see you(with the other 36,000 in three days at the Expo,

    • Useful stuff, but the theme do not display correctly on my Powerbook…maybe you should check that out. Thanks, anyway.

    • Is there an entry system for fast runners as in other major marathons e.g. NY, Chicago, london

      • Besides lottery drawing, fast runners that meet JAAF (Japan Association of Athletics Federations) standard and a member of the JAAF, or elite runners invited by FAAF can register. You can contcat tm2013@or.knt.co.jp with your time and see if you qualify as elite runner.

    • Dustin Donohue

      Congrats on your finish Michele. I am jealous, I’d love to do this race too.

      • Thanks Dustin!
        My plan for the next year is to run London and Berlin, both are great place for a pint after the race :-p

    • Congratulations! Nice write-up

    • Confratulations for the Paris race.

    • My dear, you are a strong strong woman. I can’t imagine being in your shoes. Thank you for sharing your story with us. Praying that this surgery leaves you an even stronger person, mentally, physically and spiritually.

    • Hi Michele,

      Good luck on your journey. It looks like a tough path, but then again – you will make it to the end. You are, after-all, a runner…

      Any idea when you would be able to run again (without a walker)?

      • I have been walking everyday now and now I can walk 1.5ml. 2 more weeks than I can start low impact exercising on machine.

    • Especially the last one!

    • Love! Thanks for sharing.

    • What a great writeup Michele!

      How did you reserve a cell phone before your arrival at Narita airport? Do you remember the site url? Thanks Scott

      • Congrats Scott!! You must have gotten into Tokyo 2015 πŸ™‚
        There are several telcom companies provide similar service, and you can pick up the phone at arrival lobby. You can try JAL ABC , or Soft Bank
        Free Wifi is also available from NTT for up to 14 days, but they stop giving out Wifi card at the airport. You can pick up the card (with proof of Passport) in Harajuku. The Wifi setup instruction is here in case you can’t read Japanese πŸ™‚
        Have a great race, and let me know if you have any question. Gambatte!!!

    • Thx Michele. C U at TNFEC-SF in Dec!

    • Awesome Michele. You are amazing. And you deserve that race, because it’s amazing too…here’s to next year.

    • When will the winners be announce? (:

    • Great story Michele…about 30 of us from Ireland are running Rotherham this year. Found your account very helpful, some of us worried about the cut off point.
      Really looking forward to it now.
      Nigel Cassidy.

    • Michele,
      I have no doubt in my mind that you will accomplish this goal, one that many of us only dream of. You are an inspiration to all around you. When the adrenaline wears off, your feet and body ache (because they will) and your food no longer fuels, just remember. Angels will carry you. They did once, a scary time not too long ago. They will again. I will be with you in spirit. You are my answered prayer remember?

    • Hi Michelle,

      Best of luck this Saturday! Hope to bump into you on the trails. Pacing my friend Kami for her last 20 miles or so. Have a fun run, you’re going to do awesome!!! Mind over matter girlie, just like when we were climbing that never ending steps at the TNF 50k last December and finished like a Rock Star!!! πŸ˜‰

      Big love!
      Gail xo

    • Announcement — the Spartan race entry goes to Nicole from MA. I’ll email you the comp code, and have fun πŸ™‚

    • Beautiful! There is depth in those verses. It doesn’t quite sound like you but then again…Love it!

    • It has been an amazing year Michele! And you accomplished so much! I can’t/won’t do Zion without you so let’s do it in 2018!

    • I also tried ultramarathon, and like you I also experienced a hell even when I was just training. But finishing the track even without winning a place is one of my best experiences ever.

    • Hi Michele,
      Way to go on your Fuji marathon! I actually just registered to run the race for this November and wanted to ask you for any tips and guidance in terms of getting to and from the race from inns/hotels around that you might recommend? This would be my first marathon in Japan and I am a bit at a loss in terms of navigating my way as a foreigner! Thanks in advance!

      • How exciting Chae!! It’s going to be an amazing race & wonderful experience for you!
        Have you booked your hotel yet? There are three options to go, one is to stay near the lake, so you can walk to the start as a warmup on race day morning. Hope not too much snow/ice on the ground. Or you can stay somewhere along the Fujikyuko train line and just ride to the race; hotel will be less expensive and on the race day the train isn’t too packed. JR Pass doesn’t cover this Fujikuko line, but it’s fairly cheap. Or you can stay in Shinjuku area and take the special race-day bus which will drop you off at the start, and then take you back to Tokyo in the afternoon. Most of Japanese runners do this because it’s cheaper. There are also trains go between Shinjuku to Kawaguchiko, but too complicated on race day morning, definitely NOT recommend. But bus is a good choice, if you want to go in and out the same day without paying for hotel.
        Whichever way you pick, make sure you pack drop-bag with change of cloth and jacket, it’s very cold when standing around.
        Good luck and have fun; you will love the 20K climb πŸ™‚
        Any question, just drop me a note!

    • Wow, thanks for your reply! For some reason I didn’t see your message until I checked your site again. I haven’t booked a hotel yet as I’ve noticed how pricey they are near the race, yikes! I will definitely consider the options you suggested. I do have a question regarding the race bib pick-up. I see that the expo is for the Saturday before from 1-6PM. Is there a way I can pick this up sooner without having to go to the place (I forget the address) to get it? Thanks again!

    • You go Michele! you got this you badass! Look forward to reading about your adventures.

    • Great to finally see this Two years Later!!!!

      Thanks so much for such a detailed race report!
      Can’t wait for you to come and run your next race with us!!

    • Sorry, Michele, for your loss.

      • Thank you for the words; it brought tears to my eyes and I couldn’t believe that I actually got to meet you in person and thank you at Huddart Park this morning.
        Ultra community is amazing.

        • Hi Michele! That was very sweet of you to remember me when I met you yesterday. I looked for you after the race, but you must have gone home already. Thank you again for volunteering. I love the ultra community, too, and I hope to see you again. My next race is Miwok 100K on May 4. You have TRT 50 mile coming up, right? I love that race — I’ve done that 50 mile race twice and hundred mile once.

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